Their commute looks more fun than ours.

It's snowing here on the east coast right now, and while that might sound magical and winter wonderland-y to anyone who lives in warmer climates, by March we're all pretty much over it. Way over it, in fact. We're whiney, our feet are wet, and we're angry that we can't look at our iPhones outdoors without snowflakes hitting the screen and opening a whole bunch of apps we haven't used in months. But then, thanks to a video like this one, we remember places like Russia, and we realize we're total pussies. They just had all their glassware destroyed by an angry meteor, but they still manage to make the most of their neverending winter by forcing each other to run down busy, snowy streets in bikinis (she lost a bet, according to the Youtube description). We apologize for being so cranky. To make it up to Russia, we're going to head over to Starbucks completely nude.

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