Science is important: it explains our behaviors, answers our questions and even saves lives! But then sometimes we read scientific studies that make us wonder: science, are you high right now?? Here are some studies we found this week that made us wonder what science was smoking.

1. Science says getting laid will make you better at sports.

Just what society needs: a study telling jocks to do sex more. A new study conducted by sex toy company Adam & Eve found that male and female athletes who had sex on the reg showed improved athletic performance, in terms of strength, agility and endurance. High five, bro!


And it's not just about confidence. Researchers found that the chemicals released during orgasm actually mimic the physical feelings and side effects of certain illegal performance-enhancing drugs. So basically, doing it is almost like legal doping. This is an important and relevant study for everyone who was cool in high school.

2. Science says you're probably getting road rage.

According to a study recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 80 percent of drivers had experienced some form of road rage behind the wheel in the past year. And about 8 million drivers had experienced "extreme road rage," which could mean intentionally ramming another car or being physically violent.