Have you ever thought about how your body looks like when you’re fast asleep? Well, thanks to photographer Olivia Martin-McGuire’s “Sleepers” series, you can get a glimpse of all the different shapes your body can possibly make when you drift off to dreamland.

Martin-McGuire invited her friends (both couples and individuals) to a cozy, private space and asked them to recreate the unpremeditated poses they make when asleep. Over an email interview, Martin-McGuire told Someecards that, with this project, she hoped to explore “the choreography of the unconscious.” 

The result is a genuine-looking collection of unrehearsed poses. Some couples take to the spooning position, some individuals go to fetal position, and other folks are just sprawled out sloppily on the mattress.

It's sleep you guys, not the runway.

Before each shoot, she asked people “to study their own sleep. How they woke up? How they fell asleep. What shapes they made, what they held onto.” 

Regarding the setup, Martin-McGuire placed “a thick mattress below the camera and then tethered the camera to a screen away from the bed. That way people could be intimate and move around while we watched from the computer at a distance.” After snapping the images they were then “graded and printed onto thick watercolor paper larger than life.”

Martin-McGuire said that it took her over six months to complete the series. 

“I enjoyed the universality of the body language of clutching, pulling, pushing, rolling, hugging and dancing. I enjoyed the patterns and expression that were made to give the viewer a hint as to where they may be in the dream realm,” she said.

"Humans are very beautiful. Especially in their natural states."


Oh boo, you reached the end of this post. What to do? Go to sleep, and make your own poses.