SoulCycle is the indoor cycling fad that has swept the nation. Founded in New York and now offered in 11 states, the classes focus on choreographed movements while cycling. All those movements are timed to a playlist for each class, and conducted in a room dimly lit by candles (the "soul" part). Interestingly, SoulCycle offers no memberships, and classes run about $30 for 45 minutes.


So if you don't live near a SoulCycle studio, or can't always part with $30 for a class, here are a few ways you can get the same benefits for free. FYI: You should always consult a physician before starting an exercise program. (Trust us—most Someecards staffers rarely go to the doctor).

1. Cycling

Whether you hop on a stationary bike at the gym or ride the real thing outdoors, they key is adding a little resistance for your legs. The secret sauce here is interval training—mixing moderate exercise with shorter periods of high-intensity sprints. That way you're both blasting your legs and mixing up your aerobic activity. Try periods with higher resistance settings on the stationary bike, or be sure to hit a few hills in your neighborhood. And if you can't get on a bike, be sure to throw in a few short sprints while running for that interval benefit.