Doctors have issued a dire warning against your pants.

A woman has ended up in the hospital after she recklessly wore skinny jeans and attempted to do something at the same time. The 35-year-old squatted for several hours while she helped a relative pack for a move, and eventually her legs started to hurt. I would have just chalked that up to all the squatting, and apparently this woman did, too, because she tried to head home.

Then, on her walk home, she collapsed. Dr. Thomas Kimber, who described the incident for an article in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, told the Sydney Morning Herald: "As it was by this time dark and late in the day, no one noticed her fall and she was lying there for some time—several hours."

She crawled to the side of the road and managed to hail a cab (let's hope the driver was nice enough not to point and laugh at the woman taken down by her skinny jeans), which took her to the hospital. She stayed there for four days with nerve damage and leg weakness before she could go home. Four days! That seems like more than enough punishment for any fashion crime.

The takeaway? Kimber says, "Avoid wearing skinny jeans if you intend to do a job with squatting or kneeling." If skinny jeans are this dangerous, I shudder to think what culottes could do to a person.


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Sources: Sydney Morning Herald