Last year, Erica Diaz was helping her daughter clean up after an art project that involved some craft glitter, when one tiny piece of it got stuck in her eye. The glitter ruptured her cornea, and she got a painful infection that wouldn't go away. Several surgeries and more medicine than you can imagine later, and she had to have her entire eye removed and replaced with a prosthetic.

Erica Diaz, before all of this glitter craziness started.

So. This is a piece about eyes. Eyeballs. This is a very sensitive topic for many people, and people who are squeamish about eyeballs and eyeball trauma, there's no need for you to read further. Anyone interested in how a piece of glitter can cause someone to lose their vision and ultimately, their entire eyeball, read on (and, of course, the morbidly curious are welcome, too).


Diaz documented her entire ordeal on Imgur, under the username "minimonster1437" and actually kept an amazing sense of humor about the whole thing.