If only we could make terrible coworkers stand outside like smokers.

Time to start interviewing at lunch.

A recent study found that workplace stress is just about as harmful to one's health as secondhand smoke. Since a majority of everyone we've ever talked to in this world complains at length about their jobs, this basically means we're all spending our workdays in a smoky dive bar, endlessly waiting to "circle back" on issues because we don't have enough "bandwidth." Apparently, workplace stress is getting worse because technology allows it to reach us at any hour of the day. And it's leading to increases in heart disease, insomnia, obesity, hypertension, and depression. Which are things that can absolutely kill you slowly (or quickly, one day).


The tips offered to combat the evils of workplace stress haven't changed; eat healthy snacks, move around, try modified exercise, etc. Which unequivocally works 100% of the time (spoilers: sarcasm). Whenever your boss is a nightmare, just have some grapes and stretch your back. Problem solved! If workplace stress is as bad as secondhand smoke, perhaps they'll develop some sort of vape version of work that smells like someone lit candy on fire.

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