Choosing a Halloween costume is tough. You want it to be smart and original, but you also don't want it to break the bank or be too high-concept. Whatever you choose to do, you should really step up to this challenge and don't just choose the most go-to offensive yet slightly topical thing possible. You know what we're talking about. You are not a comedic genius for dressing up as Trayvon Martin, Jerry Sandusky, or Miley Cyrus; you are probably super annoying. Here's a list of all the costumes to avoid this year. We've divided them up into loose categories, so you can know exactly why your costume isn't as clever and/or funny as you think it is.

Bad ideas because everyone else is going to do them:


1. Rachel Dolezal

Too many layers.

Even though people have concluded that dressing up as Rachel Dolezal, regardless of race, should, for the most part, be fine, everyone is going to do it. Do something original, not something that relies on a news item that happened months ago. On a less serious note, it's confusing! You'll have to explain to people that you're a white person dressing up like a white person who dressed up like a black person, or that you're a black person dressing up as a white person who dressed up like a black person, or that you're a X person dressing up as white person who dressed up like a black person. Just thinking about it is making my head hurt.