Best Santas in Denver, Colorado, teaches its aspiring students how to be the best Kris Kringle or Mrs. Claus they can be for the Christmas season. It's too bad Santa is older, because I bet plenty of guys would enjoy getting paid to gorge themselves on cookies while growing out their beards. Hopefully these Santa students don't look anything like some kids' drawings of Santa that are accidentally naughty looking.

Jim Coleman, the school owner, talked about what makes a perfect Santa:

The perfect Santa is authentic looking. Our biggest priority is that they are safe, love children and are passionate about bringing that magic. It's more than a suit and making sure your beard is right. It's about using elements to create fun stories instead of just sitting around and just taking pictures. We teach our Santas to interact with the children and that’s what makes us so special.

One more cookie, for educational purposes.

These Santas better be special, because their rate is $195/hour. Perhaps these Santas are the best because they train in the Rocky Mountain region of Denver. Like all pros, peak performance is achieved after training at higher altitudes. 

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