Originally published 11/20/13:

5. Booking plane travel is a breeze with a cheesy treat in each fist. Flights home for the holidays are expensive, and you're bound to end up with at least one red-eye with a 6-hour layover in Dallas-Ft. Worth. But scientists at Cornell University have shown that you can keep travel-planning stress at bay with melty baked brie spread thickly onto homemade oat-flour scones. Gorging on salty, buttery foods like fresh pasta with cream sauce topped with crispy fried sage leaves releases enough endorphins that you'll barely notice how annoying it is to spend $600 for four days of travel.

4. Feel better about seeing judgmental family with brownies. Family is a wonderful thing—for a few hours at a time. But uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and too much togetherness can ruffle anyone's feathers. Keep from going over the edge with doctor-recommended peppermint swirl brownies studded with chocolate chips and pieces of candy cane. Heck, shove one of these in grandma's mouth next time she opens it to ask if you're dating anyone. And you'll be surprised by how much better handfuls of leftover Halloween candy make you feel!