This uncanny photo of a man and his doppelgänger dad was posted by Imgur user Jschu2711 with the caption, "My friend and his dad dressed up as each other for Halloween...."  

Family portrait or magic eye poster?

At first glance you can't tell who's the real father. Neither looks profoundly disappointed that their son didn't go to law school. (Luckily there are captions.) The image has been viewed over a million times, delighting and baffling users, whose responses range from WTF to WDMDLMTM (Why doesn't my Dad love me this much?):


"I had to look at this for a solid 3 minutes before noticing the text and finally figuring out that this is suuuuper trippy"

Copper brat:

"Why is this so hard to wrap my mind around?"


"I could look at this for hours and still feel exactly as confused as I do now,"


"My brain... My brain hurts." 


"How do they look the same age! Vampires!?"


"This gives me a severe headache."

Sources: Imgur