Halloween is three weeks away, and we're already sick of Harley Quinn costumes. But self-described "makeup wizard" Nora Belk has figured out a unique spin that we absolutely love, and all she had to do was incorporate the hijab she wears every day. Wearing a two-tone hijab to match her harlequin makeup, she created a brand-new character she calls "Halal-ey Quinn." She shared a picture on Imgur, where it's blowing up in a big way.


The response to Belk's costume has been overwhelming. Her picture has scored more than 13,000 points on Imgur in less than a day, and the commenters are glowing. PeopleSeemToHaveLongNamesOnImgur wrote, "If you can work a pun into your Halloween costume and stick to your religious beliefs and dress up as something topical, I'm super impressed." The more succinct abuud403 went with the simple, "Happy Halaloween!"

After the picture went viral, Belk added a message to all of her new fans:

Wow, I'm so in shock about the response I got! I really appreciate it, I also got a lot of questions about my instagram it's: @makeupwizardd I mostly post make up looks on there (: Thanks all!!


Suicide Squad may have been a big mess, but at least it helped put this young Netherlands-based makeup artist on the map. And she didn't even have to get a pig head from Jared Leto.