We wouldn't dream of it.

Sometimes we might go a little overboard with our love of country. For example, these unnecessarily frightening tattoos, which seem to say you don't really love America unless you permanently ink into your skin the most hostile declararation of patriotism that four hundred dollars can buy. Seriously, can't we be patriotic without wanting to murder someone with a red white and blue handgun? These ten tattoos should send you off to your 4th of July cookout afraid you're going to be strangled with a flag then torn apart by the talons of an eagle. USA!


Before we get naked, do you get as turned on by the 2nd Amendment as I do?


I love America and all, but this eagle that lives inside my bicep is starting to get a little annoying. 


I love America so much I want it to take me hostage and gag me.


This guy can't decide what he loves more; Jesus, America, or anachronisms.


Best of three?


A confederacy of really effing scary dunces.


His dream is to work in a really patriotic haunted house.


Dude, get to a dermatologist! You're infected with America.


That about sums us up.


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