If it's an open relationship, does that mean his hand is seeing other people? (via BuzzFeed)

This Mother's Day, let your mom know how much you value your relationship with her by unfriending her on Facebook. There's no better way to say, "Mother, I love you more than the whole world and for that reason I want to know as little about your personal life as possible." Preserve what you share by making sure you never have to read her perverted, inane status updates, and she never has the opportunity to humiliate you in front of all of your friends at once with a single comment about your potty training. As these moms demonstrate, they don't need flowers. They need boundaries. Unfriend mom on Facebook immediately.


Her partner's name was actually "OOOOHHH SCIENCE," so she was able to take both pieces of advice. (via Reddit)


I'm looksing, lady, I'm looksing! (via Likes)


And that's why this mother has an estranged son. (via Cheezburger)


She could mean a tampon. (via Lamebook)


"The Facebook" is the dance of the summer! (via Lamebook)


It's funny because "NOOOOOO!!!!!" is the opposite of what Mom will be saying. (via Reddit)


No amount of sarcasm can protect you from Mom's childhood stories. There is no defense. (via Pleated Jeans)


College women, as we all know, NEVER talk about people's dicks. (via Lamebook)


Terry, you know your father and I named you Terry MyDiKisRespectedWithinItsField.
(via Techeblog)

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