Either Cassidy really hates laundry or her mom does, because that's way too many points.
(via redditor Klaroline)

Reddit user Klaroline has a friend named Cassidy. Cassidy got grounded, for infractions that are not yet known. What is known, however, is that her mom gave her this list of chores with various point values attached to work her way back out of being grounded.


While I personally like this form of punishment because I always received groundings in arbitrary lengths of time and the denial of various technological privileges, it has some major drawbacks. The most glaring issue is the huge point value assigned to doing laundry. Apparently, Cassidy is part of a large Asian family (one of 7 kids)—but this doesn't change how much 1 load is worth. If her mom really meant "one day's worth of laundry for our huge family," that would seem fair. As it is, you can just pop in a load and go watch TV five times in a row and *poof*, you're not grounded.

If the laundry loophole wasn't there, however, this would be a really onerous task. I'd do it in this order:

1.) Microwave: 40 points

2.) Toilet. Hopefully, there's more than 1 toilet for this huge family—that could really rack up the points. Let's say 3 toilets to be safe, so: 150 points. (190 total)

3.) Dishwasher: 25 points (215 total)

4.) Table: 25 points (240 total)

5.) Counters: 25 points (265 total)

6.) Kitchen chairs: 25 points (290 total)

7.) Water plants: 25 points (315 total)

8.) Kitchen floor: 25 points (340 total)

Sources: redditor Klaroline