Just make sure if you give her this card you actually follow through on taking her to brunch.

You destroyed her body. Then you grew into your teens and destroyed her mind. Then you went to college and destroyed her bank account. There's no paying your mom back for all of that (especially since you're probably still borrowing from her), but these Someecards Mother's Day Gifts at least make clear you know what you put her through. We have mugs, cards, magnets, shirts, all kinds of gifts to let Mom know you inherited her twisted sense of humor. Click on any of these gifts to take a closer look, or go browse the store yourself.

She'll reciprocate with a mug that reads, "You're nowhere near as cute as Sasha or Malia."


Send her a card that captures the true meaning of this holiday.


A mug for any mom unlucky enough to get knocked up when they were still playing videos.


Let's be honest. This card says the only thing she wants to hear. Send it.


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