by Raquel D'Apice

I have something I would like for Mother’s Day. Most holidays my husband doesn’t buy me gifts because there is nothing I particularly want or need, but he has always said if there’s something I really want, to let him know. He is wonderful. I would like to say up front that he is one of the best human beings I have ever met.  

And I feel bad even asking for this for Mother’s Day because it’s going to be really difficult—maybe impossible to pull off. It is not flowers and it is in no way a stuffed animal holding a mylar balloon (if someone wants to send me a quick e-mail explaining why those even exist, please go ahead) and it is not some sort of quasi-expensive chocolate. It is not a gift certificate for a spa treatment and it is not breakfast in bed. I am trying to get out of the habit of eating in bed.  

What I want for Mother’s Day is going to hurt my husband, who I love and care about a lot, so it hurts me that it will hurt him, but I want it regardless.