I hope the NYPD notified the paramedics before administering this burn.

The New York Police Department: guardians of sportsmanlike conduct.
(via NYPD 34th Precinct on Twitter)

Seahawks fans are still extremely sensitive about the last-minute interception that allowed the Patriots to snatch Super Bowl victory from the jaws of defeat, but the NYPD has never been one to allow sensitivity to get in the way of their public duty. This very blunt tweet comes to you from the NYPD's 34th Precinct, which covers the far northern end of Manhattan (where there are several important highways and the world's busiest bridge for car traffic—the George Washington). If you're a Seahawks fan, you probably feel like this is already "too soon," but incredibly this tweet actually went out last night right after the game ended. Ooof! (That said, right after the game is prime time for DUIs.)

Richard Sherman reacting to your decision to get behind the wheel after drinking.


No word on what comparison they would use for someone who got arrested for drunk-driving a Zamboni at a high school girls' hockey game.

Sources: NYPD 34th Precinct