So glad it wasn't a rabbi.


A pastor at a St. Louis-area restaurant left this incorrigible message on her bill, refusing to pay the 18% gratuity included for a group of 20 (they made the server split the bill, which is why the amount is so low). As justification for giving no tip at all, the pastor referenced an Old Testament passage, which may be the most nefarious use of the Bible to justify atrocities since the Inquisition. After the image went viral, people figured out who the pastor was (even though the waitress didn't post any identifying information). The pastor was rightly humiliated and tried to make things right by doing what Jesus would have done and calling Applebee's to have the waitress fired. But dammit, despite her terrible service to the Christian religion, we’d still probably tip this pastor 20% because we're completely spineless when it comes to tipping.

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