1. Your father is not your real father. Don't laugh. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm joking. The man you've called "Dad" all these years is not your father. You're a college graduate now; you're old enough to know, mature enough to know. So now you know.

2. Your real father is Ken Saxby. Mr. Saxby, the guidance counselor. Yes, Allison's father. God, this is all spilling out of me. Don't you tell me that you don't want to hear this. Out here in the real world, the truth doesn't care what you want. I will say my truth.

3. I was already pregnant when I met your father. Ken was a beautiful, troubled young man, and he had these sad grey eyes, like harbors in a storm. His father forced him into the service. We spent the night before he shipped out to Kuwait in his Trans Am, drinking peppermint schnapps and making love on the hot leather. A month later, my mother introduced me to a boy sitting in our living room, tugging at his tie. A good boy. I married him.

4. He's always loved you. Ken sent cards on your birthday, year after year. I'll show you in a minute. He worked so hard, he's always worked so hard, picking up shift after shift at the autobody, at the post office, driving cabs, all for you. And every dime he saved went into your savings account. So you could have an SAT tutor. So you could buy textbooks. So you could study abroad. He would have given anything just to see you in your cap and gown. You really have no idea just how much you owe him.