Ten seconds out of college and he's already making an impact.

It's graduation season, and that means class clowns all over America are using their last chance to clown around in front of their classmates. This video was taken at Davenport University's commencement ceremony on Sunday at Grand Rapids, Michigan's Van Andel Arena. The acrobat on stage is newly-minted degree-holder Robert Jeffrey Blank. It was instantly captured for digital posterity by the university's film crew as part of their 3-hour livestream of the event (with this clip captured and re-uploaded by Mark Fay yesterday).

I don't know what this Mr. Blank majored in, but hopefully someone in his general vicinity just graduated from medical school and can check him for a concussion. 

Some party poopers might say that guys like this are why some schools are withholding the diplomas of anyone who tries to get attention while on stage with their deans (including silly walks). I, on the other hand, contend that watching several thousand young people start a new chapter in their lives is insanely boring (especially the part where a boring speaker tells them the importance of not being boring in life), and the more people faceplanting on the rostrum, the better.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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