Chris Ulmer is a special needs teacher in Florida who posted a video of how he starts each school day: complimenting every one of his students. In the video, which has been viewed over a million times since it was posted on Sunday, Ulmer takes the time to pay several compliments to each and every one of the eight students in his classroom at Mainspring Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. It's refreshing to hear news about a teacher making a positive difference, since there are still teachers in the world who force "evil" left-handed kids to write with their right hand or eat the class hamster to teach students a tough lesson.

Ulmer runs the Facebook page for a project with his students called Special Books By Special Kids, which hopes to publish a book for children with special needs and their families. Ulmer describes how it will explore the challenges and loving rewards of raising a child with special needs:

I am a special education teacher who has had the same group of students for three years. I have been collaborating with my students and their parents. We our sharing our journey with the intention of erasing social stigmas and showing the true nature of my amazing students. I run this page by myself (but the project is a collaborative effort). This includes editing videos, pictures, collecting stories and responding to messages. I also love to share stories from children with special needs across the world. Together we can make a difference.
-Mr. Chris

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