He looks downright irritated at being arrested right now.

The college freshman who posted this pic on Reddit says he was chatting with a cop on his first day at Iowa State University when he asked what he could do to let his parents know he was "having a good time." The cop suggested this photographic composition.

That'll do it.

The student's parents reportedly flipped out initially, but according to his comments on the photo, "I'm not really the type to get into serious trouble with law so easily, so their panic didn't last as long as I wanted." 

I don't know. That shirt tucked into those white pants? The dead-eyed stare from behind those glasses frames? He looks like he knows his way around the inside of a jail cell to me. At least, he's surely had to break out of one in a video game at some point.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor kashaanm