A video of a teenager giving an impassioned performance on the field with her marching band is going viral due to just how impassioned said performance is. It's maybe the most impassioned marching band performance ever, in the history of marching bands, including possibly John Philip Sousa himself. If you were to look up impassioned in a dictionary, you would see gifs of this girl's face (if you have some weird gif dictionary, anyway). She performs with utter abandon, and the internet is loving it—the video has been viewed well over a million times on Facebook since being posted on July 10.

This Possibly Possessed Keyboard Player Steals The Show During...

This Possibly Possessed Keyboard Player Steals The Show During Band Performance

Posted by Damn LOL on Sunday, July 10, 2016
This girl is not messing around.

For some people, being filmed doing their thing, good or bad, and having the whole world watch it is basically a nightmare. But this girl seems to be performing for the crowd and not at all shy about it. Which is good, because it would be a tragedy for her to become self-conscious in future performances, seeing as it looks like she basically lives for this. Unless she's just this serious about everything—who knows, maybe this is how she eats dinner, too.