Movies would have you believe that your high school reunion is a landmark event that you simply must attend to find out if all the nerds are hot billionaires now and all the mean jocks got fat. While that may have once been true, Facebook can tell you all of that in an instant, so there’s no need to go to your 5, 10, 15, or even 20-year reunion. You especially shouldn’t go if there’s a risk your experience will be anything like the ones shared by these redditors.

But if you, make sure to swing by your old locker. Fun!

1. Like most people who go to their reunion, Tiffany 7570 only went to check up on an old crush, forgetting that crushes are mortal.

I was hoping to meet up with the girl I dated through HS but she didn't show up. When I asked around I found out she died a couple years earlier.

2. You win some, you lose some, NorthHame.

At my twenty year reunion I managed to finally down a fifth of whiskey in front of everyone, but the woman I liked still ended up with the douche she was hoping to run into at the reunion instead of me.

3. When badxkitty went down, she at least took everyone else down with her.


Tripped. Fell. Took down about 4 or 5 of "the popular girls." My high-school sweetheart and his girlfriend are sitting three feet away and bear witness to my shame as my husband not only walks away but refuses to take me to the hospital for a sprained ankle. Sat the rest of the night out with my best friend who tried to shield me from my own embarrassment.

4. Sometimes you find out things you didn't know about yourself, like how isisis's father found out that isisis had a sister.

When my dad went to his 30 year reunion, a woman he hadn't seen since graduation came up to him.

Her: "Hi Steve. Remember me?"

Him: "Hey Pam! How are you?"

Her: "Oh, I'm good. We have a 29 year old daughter I have her phone number if you want to call her."

No, but this isn't about fun.

5. Sometimes the things we want are unaccessible, like nene7070's reunion. Literally so.

I was not popular in high school, as I was the only kid in a wheelchair, and people stayed away from the "weirdo" (I was a bit of a weird kid).

Fast forward to June, my 10 year anniversary. My friend from high school (really one of the few that I still talk to) and I decide to go to our reunion. It was at a newly reopened bar in the city (Chicago). I called ahead of time to see if it was accessible (I never do, but I wanted to be sure it went off without a hitch.... since I had decided to go). So we all get into a car (my girlfriend(also in a chair), me, my friend, and his partner), and drive down there. We get there a little early, and wait outside. Finally we get in, and find that the party is upstairs in their party room. Wheres the elevator? There isnt one, I am told.


6. User biggles-266 got to show everyone first hand now he's faring in the new "gig economy."

We had to fill in cards about what we were up to these days. The cards got circulated and then stuck up on a big board for everyone to browse.

At the end of the night I found one that said "for the last 10 years, I've been supplementing my income by sucking off park bums."

Signed with my name.

7. And that's when PatentedSpaceHook realized why she moved far, far, far away from her hometown.

The only downside to the reunion was my ex that I dated for a few months in FRESHMEN year was there and lurking around me everywhere I went in the place. He was acting like we didn't split on bad terms, and he didn't stalk me for a year after the break up. I just ignored him as much as possible all night and slipped out when he was distracted (I went alone, and he knew it). I didn't want to take my chances of him following me to my car.

8. OboeAmy is a strong woman to resist the sexual powers of a middle-aged man with a minivan.

After the last HS reunion I attended, we adjourned to Denny's after the festivities for coffee and relaxed conversation. My 8th grade boyfriend, now in his 40s and married, invited me to have sexy time in the back of his minivan in the Denny's parking lot. He said, and I quote, "I'll rock your world."

Flattered though, thanks.

9. If the reunion fantasy is to reconnect with the one that got away, then that means somebody one the parties ended up with is going to get screwed over. Someone like Pro_crastinating.

My wife (at the time) and I had dated all through HS and college. We married and had a child. We still had a few close friends we graduated with that were going as well. I would say there was about a 70% turnout. We had a good time and everyone got pretty drunk. We all mingled and my wife talked to a guy who she had cheated on me with right after HS. They didn't speak for more that 3 minutes. They hadn't spoke since that day almost 10 years before. We had moved passed it and had a family, at least that's what I thought. Less than a month after the reunion I could tell that something wasn't right, when I asked her about it she told me she wasn't happy and wanted a divorce. We had been together for a VERY long time and I was devastated. After a week of feeling like I had failed and doing everything I could to win her back I discovered she had been having an affair with that same guy.


10. At user B0h1c4's reunion, everyone just behaved like the theater kids did during an average lunch period back in high school.

I went to my 5 year. It was kind of sad really. There were a few "party hard" douchebags that took center stage and everyone else just kinda watched and shook their head. Two girls were giving lap dances (clothes on) and a couple of guys participating too. One had a bottle of liquor in his hand non stop, drinking from the bottle. Another guy had a cigarette behind his ear....