Dear Ms. O'Dell, it is my pleasure to inform you that we are able to offer you a spot on the Internet.

(via Siobhan O'Dell on Tumblr)

Siobhan O'Dell isn't going to Duke University, but that's OK—Duke isn't a school for funny people, and O'Dell's response to being rejected by the Tobacco Ivy proves she's definitely one of those. Writing back to the admissions office in the bizarrely awkward style of educational institutions that (in theory) teach writing, O'Dell informed the college of their choice's unacceptability. Duke did write back, but in terms that made it clear that they never read her note OR EVER DESERVED HER IN ANY WAY:

(via Siobhan O'Dell on Tumblr)


Unfortunately for Duke, O'Dell has since rescinded her rejection of their rejection and plans to study at USC. I'm sure USC was delighted when they got a fat envelope from O'Dell containing her admission of their acceptance of her acceptance to their admission letter. I just don't want to be around when this girl has to fill out a W4.

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