After putting in all the work—and getting good grades—a high school senior in Amite, Louisiana couldn't enjoy his victory because of some faulty follicles. Despite wearing a cap, gown, robe, and valedictorian cord, Andrew Jones wasn't allowed to go on stage because he had a beard on his face. 

Joke's on them. Stroking one's beard is a sign of wisdom.
Joke's on them. Stroking one's beard is a sign of wisdom.

Apparently, his school district had a rule that male students were not permitted to have facial hair, even though he had scruff on his face all year. 

According to the school's superintendent, the students "were told if they didn't go in the bathroom to shave, they couldn't participate with the class. Jones was the only one who refused, because he said that rule was never enforced before." 

"It don't make sense, every day of school I went with it, even more, I did shave," said Jones, "I had like sides and everything, but I shaved that for graduation."

After the story went viral, instead of getting rid of this dumb rule, the superintendent resolved to reach out to principals to make sure they enforced it year-round.


Luckily, Jones is off to college, where people don't fear the beard.

Sources: WWL TV