In one of the best crowd-sourced nostalgia trips of all time, redditors of all ages shared the items, actions, and even words their schools had to ban. One thing quickly became clear: Pokémon has been screwing everything up for 20 years. You might think Pokémon Go is a big deal in 2016, but in 1999, Pokémon cards were every middle schooler's most consuming anxiety. At least kids these days don't get tricked into trading their cell phones.


1. SpeedyCarz66 reminds us all why camera phones are truly the worst.


Someone decided to make an instagram account consisting solely of porn with teachers' heads photoshopped onto the pornstars' bodies.

2. Slinthetic shares how kids at his school turned "buckle" into a curse word.

The word "Buckle." I kid you not. Back in grade 7 a few kids in one class had it as word on a spelling test and thought it would be funny to just shout it out randomly. The teachers, believing it to be a code word for something more sinister, decided to outright ban the word across the school.

Needless to say, the faculty became the brunt of many jokes both from students and their parents.