To be fair, Daenerys Targaryen is a threat to a lot of people. They just don't know it yet.

This is a picture that Bergen Community College professor Francis Schmidt took of his daughter doing yoga in a Game of Thrones t-shirt (although by the looks of it, it's practically a dress for her). The professor of arts and animation at the Bergen County, NJ school posted the image to Google+, where it was seen (unlike most Google+ posts) by several of his friends and coworkers. One of those co-workers happened to be Jim Miller, executive director of human resources. Determined to live up to every stereotype of human resources directors, Mr. Miller immediately summoned Professor Schmidt and two of his colleagues to discuss this "threatening email."


This is a national news story. It still only has 6 Google points (or whatever).

If you aren't familiar with the HBO hit series Game of Thrones or the George R.R. Martin novels on which they are based, that is the motto of House Targaryen, a now-exiled royal family filled with platinum blondes who have dragon blood in their veins, are immune to fire, and have dwindled to one tough young girl named Daenerys who is staging a comeback of epic proportions. While she does indeed vow revenge on many other royal families, this kid isn't even blonde, so she can't possibly be a Targaryen.

Mr. Miller failed to see the distinction between this and the direct threat of murder. Prof. Schmidt has been placed on paid leave and must pass a psychological test before he is allowed to return. To add insult to injury, this is the same test that Prof. Schmidt already had to pass in 2007 when he was diagnosed with depression. The school is not changing it's stance in the face of withering public criticism, citing the fact that there have been 34 school shootings so far in this year alone as the reason we should be paying more attention to little girls' t-shirts. By comparison, the blood-soaked world of Westeros actually sounds pretty safe.

It's not like BCC is renowned for having its act together: just a week ago, the faculty gave the president of the college, B. Kaye Walter, a vote of 'no confidence." I guess the administration has a reason to be on the lookout for rightful usurpers, then.

If you want to see the actual (and delightful) fire, blood and mayhem that Game of Thrones is known for, check out our recap of last Sunday's episode.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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