Prom night comes with a lot of expectations. Movies and TV tell you it’s supposed to be the best night of your young life, but it’s also a night when people have really bad sex, often for the first time. That’s a lot of pressure, and some people, like these redditors, cracked under that pressure. The only memories they have from prom are these embarrassing and hilarious stories.

They're all gonna laugh at you!

1. If the phrase or concept of “keeping the smell from permeating” is part of your prom experience, like it was for B-NINE, it’s a foregone conclusion that it’s not going to be a stellar night.

I had to get my dress from a thrift shop (way before that was cool). It looked like a doily. Most of the night consisted of people asking me where I got my dress and me lying about where I got my dress. Oh, I also had to do my farm chores before going. I was shoveling cow shit with my hair in rollers with a shower cap on to hopefully keep the smell from permeating.

2. User ravyrn didn’t realize you’re supposed to play spin the bottle after prom, not before. And with an empty bottle.