Senior pranks are all good fun until somebody gets arrested or put in a hospital. A case of reckless senioritis combined with a horrid lack of foresight caused many of the teens on this list to have their diplomas traded in for felony charges. In many cases, innocent folks outside of the student body fell victim to these ill-advised pranks too. (If you ever encounter a high school custodian around graduation time, give them a warm hug). This list is a great resource for everything not to do for your senior sendoff.

1. Six students at Chopticon High School in Maryland were criminally charged after releasing 72,000 ladybugs into the school.


This prank quickly (and obviously) backfired, and the accused students were charged with "burglary, destruction of property, and disrupting school activities."

The ladybugs, which the students had ordered off the Internet, took seven employees over four hours to clean up. That is, they cleaned up as many as they could find, while the rest had escaped into the school's unreachable crannies. You can't blame the bugs for trying to stay in the school, given that the bug education system is so terrible.