Being a substitute teacher is the second-most thankless job in the world (right after full-time teacher). Imagine having to drop into the middle of somebody else's job and do it for them for a day or two, on the fly. And you're responsible for a bunch of kids, many of whom are actively trying to destroy you.


A few substitute teachers took to Reddit to talk about the worst day they ever had on the job… which, at least, were only temporary.

1. See, kipp, the thing about kids is that they're rude little sociopaths.

Obviously it could be way worse, but one of the students in the fourth grade class I was in asked me why I don't tan (school was just about to be let out for the summer, and they were talking about summer activities). I replied that it is not healthy, to which she said "You should do it anyways. You're so white it makes you look sick and it's scary."

2. User kassypassy apparently had to sub for a class one day before the lesson about how cat poop isn't edible.

I was subbing for a 1st grade class, so the kids are pretty young--around 7. After recess, a little boy in my class came running up to me covered in sand from the sandbox.

"Hey, Miss Kassypassy, I found an old peanut!" he told me excitedly and opened up his sand covered fist, in which he was holding a piece of old CAT POOP.

"Oh no, sweetheart, no no...that's cat poop, let's put that down and go wash our hands..." (At this point I'm somewhere between laughter and vomiting)

I saw a look of pure horror cross his face. As his eyes welled up with tears, he looked and me and asked in a whisper, "Is it ok to eat cat poop?"