A teacher had his students Google pictures of dicks, but to be fair, it wasn't really his fault. Akn4bkn is a high school geography teacher who shared a penile mishap story on Reddit yesterday that made it to the front page. Here's how it went down: They were in the middle of a unit on South Asia and started discussing the kingdom of Bhutan. The dragon is the national symbol of Bhutan, so he asked them to Google "Symbols of Bhutan," with the expectation that dragons would come up. Instead they got "inappropriate" pictures of—well, just Google it yourself.

15th century Bhutan just became a whole lot more interesting than Renaissance Europe.

It turns out that Bhutan has another traditional symbol besides the dragon. Drawings of dicks are so prominent in Bhutanese history that there is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to "Phallus paintings in Bhutan." According to the page, "[S]ymbols of an erect penis in Bhutan have [traditionally] been intended to drive away the evil eye and malicious gossip." Despite the fact that modern Bhutanese people find them to be a bit embarrassing, the drawings, which originated around the 15th century, can still be found in various villages.

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