Teachers are responsible for our children for seven-odd hours a day. They teach them important skills and knowledge, and they help mold them into decent people and responsible citizens. Well, usually.


Not everybody can be helped. Some kids, like adults, are just jerks, and they make life a living hell for their teachers. A few particularly eloquent teachers took to Reddit to talk about the kids they just couldn't teach to not be awful.

1. Uglypants_Stupidface twice got caught in Dante's Inferno, the "Inferno" being farts and Dante's mother.

Dante. He was in my 10th grade English class. He was awful. He would call me over to ask questions, fart, and then laugh. He showed up maybe once a week or two, then complained that he was failing the class. When he was there, we got very little done because he was such a distraction.

But the moment that sealed the deal for me was a parent conference. All Dante's teachers were there. His mom was there. We went around and every teacher repeated the same basic tale - Dante rarely shows up, is a terrible distraction, is disrespectful, etc.

After the teachers explained the problem, Dante's mother turned to the guidance counselor and said "I don't understand why all these teachers are lying on my son."