Give it up for young feminist Faith Sobotker ​from Australia. Watching this video of the 15-year-old student slam her school's sexist lecture about the dress code is the most empowered I've felt since watching Lemonade.

According to the Daily Mail, staff members at Faith's school told female students at an assembly last week that if they rolled up their skirts to make them shorter, they would distract male students and be seen as having no self-respect. In a video posted on YouTube, the teen proclaims: “I have self respect, I look after myself. You can’t tell me what self-respect is, you can’t tell me what ladylike is.”


She continues:

We don’t live in the ’50s anymore; I’m looking for equality, I’m looking forward to being able to show off my body without being sexualized. You do not get to sexualize me like that, you do not get to tell me that my body is sacred, because it isn’t. Half the population is female. We’re not a new discovery, people know that I have legs, that I have knees, I have thighs, and I have a vagina.

Sources: YouTube