Can someone invent a time machine and go sell this to me as a kid?

Move over, George Lucas. Get the heck out of here, JJ Abrams! I can't believe you even thought you were in the running, Will Wheaton! The new King of All Nerds has been crowned. His name is Olivier C, and he has built a scaled-down, working drone replica of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon. Aside from some issues with yaw control and the fact that the batteries drain too fast, probably due to the super-bright LEDs, the quadcopter looks like a million galactic credits and the physical embodiment of every 80s and 90s kids' fantasy toy.

How it was done:

Olivier posted this gallery of the drone's construction on Imgur:

Here's another video of the Falcon bombing around Hoth (i.e. the same vineyard but covered with snow and during the daytime) and recovering from a nasty spill:

Since he's the Nerd King, I'm not really one to question his judgment, but it's odd that his videos incorporate Darth Vader breathing and the Empire section of the theme rather than the main theme. The Falcon is a good-guy ship, after all (even when Lando owned it). So, why don't I just put this video of the main theme here and you can go back and watch the videos with the proper accompaniment:


I will leave you alone now with your inner child to figure out how you will build/buy this.

Sources: redditor Olivier-FR