Ram tough. Drone, not so tough.

The subject of drones is one that stirs up a lot of emotion in people on both sides of the debate. Usually not as much as in the case of this angry ram, who made his feelings on the issue very clear by, well, ramming one out of the sky and into a nearby bush when it flew too close during mealtime.


The drone's owner, YouTube user Buddhanz1, appears to be the owner of the angry ram as well, because the video's description says he was using the drone to locate the animal, also known as Rambro. 

When Buddhanz1 goes to retrieve his flying noisemaker, the ram makes it pretty clear he's not a huge fan of humans either. At least ones that fly drones into his personal space while he's noshing. The guy is able to grab his drone, but as he's leaving, the angry ram follows him down the path and knocks him on his ass, as if to remind him who's king of that particular mountain.

The two starred in a viral video from a year ago of the animal winning a headbutting contest with a dirt bike that Buddhanz1 happened to be riding. At this point it seems like Rambro and his owner have a weird relationship that borders on unhealthy, at least for the guy who keeps getting knocked on his ass.

Drones. Dirt bikes. Maybe the animal, like most reasonable people, doesn't appreciate obnoxiously loud machinery polluting his tranquil surroundings with unnecessary noise.

Sources: Gawker