Hard to tell if it's just a really thick Instagram filter.

It may be Easter weekend, but this is sacrilege to a different god entirely: the god of expensive toys. Who is defying this all-powerful god? Photographer and tumblr-owner Henry Hargreaves, that's who this infidel is. We worship these devices the way Egyptians worshipped cats, and the way people on these devices worship cats. You couldn't deep-fry a cat, could you? Well, "couldn't" isn't the right word, but certainly you wouldn't, right? Right? After seeing this, we don't know what horrors are possible anymore.

It turns out video games CAN be bad for you.

"I'm not that hungry, I'll just have a terabyte or two."


I'm detecting notes of treble, but the bass is completely blown out and stale.

Fried AC/DC in the morning? Someones going to do dirt cheap dirty deeds later.

This actually looks like the computer of your average Mountain-Dew-swilling IT guy.



Ok, we tried really hard not to write it, but: FriPad.

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