A "virtual reality girlfriend" game debuted at Tokyo Game Show in Japan on Tuesday. Unfortunately, horny gamers couldn't stop grabbing virtual boobies and event staff had to "put their foot down" at the interactive exhibit.

This is why we can't have nice things.

"There were times when it felt as if it were real, so that was surprising," said one participant in the above video, which is mainly 30 seconds of gamers silently groping a mannequin while a projection of an anime woman plays on the screen in front of them.

The experience was simple. Visitors put "on some some virtual reality goggles and a programme called E-mote" allowed them "to interact with characters in the game," according to Daily Mail. So they could touch the mannequin and feel like they were touching the anime woman shown in the headset.

Virtual reality anime girlfriend+an expo full of gamers= what the hell did they expect to happen?

Unhand her virtual bosom, fiend!

Come to think of it, a dude who is cool with groping a mannequin in public is actually the exact type of person who would have a virtual girlfriend.