There was a huge security oversight on all four of the Kardashian-Jenners' brand new websites that launched last week. It was the same leak that showed the data that Kylie's website is totally crushing her sisters' websites. The leak was discovered by 19-year-old web developer Alaxic Smith, who said he found all the data because he "decided to take a look around to see what was powering the site," which is common among web developers.

When you love your fans enough to expose their identities.
Instagram/Ashley Madison

While poking around, Alaxic found an open API, which means part of the software that built the site was viewable to people who know how to look for it. By exploring the inner workings of Kylie Jenner's website, he found all the names and email addresses of everyone who signed up. Oops! Get ready to be more embarrassed than if you signed up for Ashley Madison.


Alaxic used the same method (which still sort of seems like magic) to find the list of users on all the Kardashian-Jenners' websites! According to Tech Crunch, the leak has been sealed, so the celebrities can go back to exposing every part of their lives to their fans instead of the identities of their fans. Luckily none of the leaked data was payment info, which might have been the one thing to finally get people to stop paying attention to America's selfie-obsessed royal family.

Sources: Tech Crunch