As part of its Unlearn campaign, Ford created a full-body “age suit” to replicate the effects of aging. The goal was to see how someone with an elderly person's restricted mobility would interact with Ford car models. Why not get a real old person to do it? Well, Ford may have wanted to observe what improvements could be made without risking injury to the elderly. Or maybe one of the engineers was just a huge fan of the 1988 movie Big.

One Mashable employee was recently given the grand opportunity to try the suit out. In short: he hated it. The suit instantly turned the 30-year-old into a “70-something person.” Watch his unfortunate day-in-a-life with the Ford age suit, below.

The age suit is composed of “goggles, ear muffs, a weighted jacket and arm and leg braces,” Mashable reported. When wearing the suit “reduces vision, restricts joints and muscles, and replicates hand tremors and back pain.”


Yes, old age will come eventually. Until that day comes, there will be no back pains or blurry vision, just a kickin' young body with the potential for almost nude selfies. Unless, you're this celebrity who is redefining old age.

Sources: Mashable