Ooey, gooey poo-y? Try Looie! ... Phooey.

The very first Looie location in Mulberry & Vine, a restaurant so expensive,
it has a subscription toilet inside.
(via Looie.co)


If you've ever been to New York City—or any other theme park in the United States—you know how hard it is to find a bathroom when you need one. I have developed my own particular techniques for scoring a private place to pee when the Starbucks restrooms get too disgusting to enter. Bars are easy to duck in and out of without being noticed. There are lots of great places along 6th Avenue below 23rd street as well.

But now, you may never need to calculate the location of the closest can again with Looie, a smartphone app that gives you access to a network of clean toilets. According to DNAinfo, restaurants join the service and hand over one of their bathrooms:

When a restaurant or cafe signs on, Al-Qaysi's company takes over the cleaning responsibilities and Looie customers get a special key that gets them access to the restroom. Looie users don't have to buy anything from the restaurant to use the bathroom, while customers of the eatery continue to have normal access to the restrooms.

One important question to ask whenever anyone mentions a "clean" bathroom: How clean is "clean?" Bed Bath and Beyond clean? Whole Foods Union Square clean? How about cleaner than your hippie-dippie-yet-OCD Brooklyn girlfriend's bathroom:

What you get in a “Looie" bathroom is a promise of cleanliness, with organic, natural cleaners. The restroom is cleaned seven to 10 times a day — and you'll find little extras like plants, a changing table for babies and natural air fresheners.
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