Email: for something that was the Internet's first killer app (the first ARPANET message was sent in 1971, 29 years before the inventor of Snapchat was born), it's still surprisingly easy to f*ck up in 2016. Especially when the reply-all button is so idiotically close to the reply button. Don't be like these people:

1. 8-0's colleague was bailed out by friends in the IT department.

A few years ago on an ordinary day at work, one of my colleagues suddenly drained of all color, went outside for a few deep breaths and then ran to the sysadmins' office. He had emailed a video of a woman showing her cervix to a friend, but had not realized that auto-complete had filled in a management email list name instead of the friend's name.

He was able to convince the head sysadmin to delete the email from the exchange server by bribing her with dinner, but not before a couple of PCs had collected their mail. The head sysadmin sent a tiger team of junior sysadmins to infiltrate the relevant offices and delete the offending email. Luckily they succeeded and saved his ass.


2. lfod had something he needed to show off.

my buddy went to amsterdam just after graduation. he sent a mass email to a bunch of his fraternity brothers (including me) saying "beautiful, great food, yada yada" and all that. i hit reply all and said "kill a hooker for me", thought it would be funny.

about an hour later, i was starting to wonder why an email to the fraternity would have such carefully scrutinized grammar and punctuation, and would be so heavy on the fluff and light on the fun stuff. with dread in my gut, i checked the rest of the recipient list - his mom and dad, his 8 year old sister, his grandmother.

i immediately sent another email apologizing for my stupidity and "Redd Foxx" style humor and saying that he should, in fact, avoid killing the hooker.

the first reply to my two emails was from his grandmother: "no point in being stupid if you're not gonna show it off"