One for SpongeBob 3D, please. (via Mashable)

It's been less than a month since Google stopped selling Google Glass. The product showed a lot of promise, but ultimately it was doomed by the fact that you couldn't wear it without looking like a huge tool.

Imagine your favorite tool behind these. (via Wikipedia)

Now, Sony has decided the problem with Google's wearable was that it wasn't ugly and cumbersome enough. Their solution: SmartEyeglass!

Not only does it look like 3D glasses for somebody with severe astigmatism, it comes with a wired controller that can't be removed. And also, you'll need an Android device to make it work. And also, what is Sony thinking?


To be fair, the product they're selling now is a developer kit, so later versions should have a number of improvements. Regardless of what happens, Sony has already accomplished one technological feat: they made us miss Google Glass.

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