Colin Furze—the self proclaimed "British garage inventor" who has made real life wolverine claws and a bed that ejects you out of it when your alarm goes off—is back with one of his most explosive creations yet: a thermite launcher!

For those who may not know, thermite is "a mixture of finely powdered aluminum and iron oxide that produces a very high temperature on combustion, used in welding and for incendiary bombs". So yea, it's great to use when you want to blow stuff up or melt stuff down. To vastly simplify what he's accomplished here, Furze packs canisters with thermite and loads them into a mechanical launcher. When they are ejected, they are lit by a flame inside.

What fun is a thermite launcher if you're not aiming it as extremely dangerous, highly explosive things? Furze aims his at petroleum, fireworks, and a spinning washing machine (naturally). 

The thermite launcher may not seem like the most practical invention, but it is ideal if you want to walk away from an explosion looking super badass.


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