Peacocks would agree. (Via)

Gird yourself for the deluge of Thanksgiving status updates that will soon be pouring down your Facebook page. Some will do the "what I'm thankful for" list as a chance to brag about their lives or just spout stuff about how awesome God is. Others will exclaim about their distended, turkey filled bellies and football. The posts gathered here celebrate that special Thanksgiving status update where warm, family-oriented, holiday earnestness goes horribly, wonderfully off the rails.

I'd actually welcome this as one of those mass holiday texts people send. (Via)

Some serious thanks are about to be given in that household. (Via)

Facebook narcissism never gets a holiday. (Via)

What luck! A Thursday Thanksgiving for like the bazillionth time in a row! (Via)

Everyone but the Scientologists. They celebrate when we took the land from the aliens.

And for the third year in a row, the family was thankful that Crystal did not show up.

If you don't want your kid to get worked up over nothing, don't name them "Tizzie."

Dumb people, threw and threw.

Don't try that "mourning" crap on me, step-grandma.

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