In a new, Hunger-Games-style twist to the annual presidental turkey pardon, this year the American people will decide between sparing one of two turkeys, Popcorn and Caramel. Yes, that's right, White is putting the decision about which turkey goes free and which gets chopped in two by Joe Biden with a katana he bought off eBay (probably), to a vote on Facebook and Twitter.

And that means you have an important decision to make!!!

LUCKILY, to ease you in evaluating your choices, the geniuses at someecards Labs have created Unpardonable Turkey, the app that let's anyone customize a turkey who deserves to become dinner.

So go make a yourself a few potential Caramels and Popcorns and see, at least in your mind, who jumps out as the most worthy of being put in an oven.


UPDATE: Allegedly Joe Biden won't be hunting the losing turkey with a katana he bought off eBay but instead the losing turkey will continue living his life, just not as having been officially pardoned by the President.