"I can't believe we got locked out of our Zords again. Wait, did we forget the black guy?"

One of the best lessons you can learn in life is that you can do anything you want in this world, because no one cares. Never is this more true than during commuting hours. No matter how shocking, ridiculous or scary you behave or dress, no matter how bizarre a business or service you try to offer in the middle of the train, no one cares enough about your antics to risk being late. Here are some of the best examples of people who have taken advantage of people's apathetic permissiveness to capture the fleeting, fickle attention of eyeballs on the Internet.


What is the guy in the red shirt talking about? It seems fascinating.

Why grandma, what a big AK-47 you have!

OHMIGOD I can't believe that lady is trying to pick her nose.

Beeker looks like he just realized he missed his stop.

Finally! The looseness of bags of rice combined with the sudden stopping of a subway!


Someone's clearly new to NYC. Psycho-anime-Queen-of-Hearts is so last season.

Who has angered the fake-Internet-folklore gods?!

"Excuse me, young man. Could you let me sit upside down on that rail? I'm old and tired."

Can it still be called a La-Z-Boy when he lugged it on the Subway?


"I'm so late for sacking that village. God, I hope I have enough plunder for the cable bill."

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