They forgot to yell "What time is it? Showtime!" in the air train before gymnastics.

Ben Borrello and Zach Searcy, the duo behind the YouTube channel BennyZ Productions, landed in Dallas International Airport late one night; too late, in fact, to make their connecting flight to Miami. Instead of heading to a nearby cheap hotel in defeat, or making a Celine Dion music video parody (as one does), they decided to pass the time by "doing things that we have always dreamed of doing in an airport." 

These things apparently included playing King of the Hill on top of a shoeshine stand (seemingly using Greco-Roman Wrestling rules—an entirely upper-body fight), sprinting back and forth on the moving walkways (ok, we've all wanted to do that and not just at the airport), and playing card games with passed out people. Oh yeah, and recreating any given day on the New York City Subway.

I hope this took them a long time to film, but only because I would hate for them to have done all this and still had 6 hours to kill. As far as how airport employees reacted, Ben and Zach answered the question everyone wanted to ask:

Makes sense to me. It doesn't matter how badly you want to terrorize the world, no one is at the airport at 2am unless they absolutely have to be. But if you do have to be there, this is the way to do it. 

Hope everyone gets home ok after this big vacation weekend! If not, at least you can make a viral video or two during your layover.

(by Johnny McNulty)