That's how you do Veteran's Day (or in the UK, Remembrance Day). 
(Image via redditor blimeyguvnor)

On October 25th, Harold Jellicoe Percival died in his nursing home in Lancashire, UK, at the age of 99. Percival was a veteran of WWII, and being single, he had no family to attend his funeral service. So the funeral home included in his obituary (below), a request for any servicemen in the area to attend.


Not content to let this soldier's memorial attendance be reliant on devotees to old media, the Internet did what it could to make sure the service got packed.

The image was posted online and quickly went viral on Twitter. A reddit post calling on reddit users to attend was upvoted to the top of the front page for most of the weekend. The funeral was held today, Remembrance Day in the UK, and according to BBC News, "About a hundred people were inside [the service] with another 400 standing silently outside in the rain."

Photos from the service have been shared on Twitter with some of the same frequency as the original obit:

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